Stephen Seal
Stephen Seal

Stephen Seal was born and raised in Johannesburg. He attended the University of Johannesburg and graduated cum laude valedictorian receiving awards for his academic success and being invited to join the Golden Key Honorary Society. During his time in South Africa he assisted numerous NGO's with a focus on inter-cultural communication and personal development as well as being instrumental in the establishment of a home for children who have been affected by HIV/AIDS.

Following his emigration to Ireland he continued both his studies and his mission to assist people in need. He attended the University of Dublin, Trinity College, and obtained his fist Masters while acting as the General Manager for an NGO focused on providing support and provision for senior citizens. His success and contribution was recognised by the Lord May of Dublin. Alongside this he assisted numerous other NGO's in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland focusing on helping people in need of personal development.

In 2008, with a view to further support his community development work, he founded his own consultancy firm which provided assistance, training and support to NGO's, businesses and government organisations. Within two years the firm included multi-nationals, government departments and internationally recognized NGO's as clients. He personally oversaw the training and consultancy for over 1000 individuals in the areas of leadership, success, communication and management. In 2010 the company was sold for a profit allowing Stephen Seal to focus on his studies, writing and community development work.

In 2009 He was invited to study at the University of Oxford and in 2011 he obtained his second Masters with a focus on applied theory. He currently lives in Oxford with his wife and is reading toward a PhD at King's College London with a special focus on the meaning and value of human existence. He continues to work in the area of personal development within his local community and currently sits on and chairs numerous community councils including acting as a governor of a local secondary school.


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